1st Annual NNM Food Drive

1st Annual NNM Food Drive

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In honor of National Nutrition Month®, I am hosting my 1st annual food drive to help those in need! In Arizona alone, 1 in 4 kids, 1 in 5 individuals and 1 in 5 seniors go to bed hungry. Food insecurity is a battle worth fighting, but knocking out hunger takes a village!

I am seeking donations of any amount that will go towards the drive and directly benefit the United Food Bank who provides over 2 million pounds of food each month to a network of agencies!

Any little bit counts! Thank you in advance for donating towards a good cause!

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United Food Bank

Campaign to Support United Food Bank

United Food Bank was organized in 1983 as a nonprofit joint venture among East Valley cities and their respective United Ways to gather and distribute food to organizations that help our neighbors in need. United Food Bank has since become the key provider of food resources to agencies and community groups in the Greater East Valley and Eastern Arizona who feed thousands of men, women and children 365 days a year. United Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, a national network of over 200 food banks that provides connections to national food companies and other important resources.

  1. Stefanie Gilbreath
    Stefanie Gilbreath gave a $26.37 donation
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  2. Brittny Geyen
    Brittny Geyen gave a $50 donation
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  3. Saundra Brady
    Saundra Brady gave a $50 donation
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  4. Cyrillyn Butler
    Cyrillyn Butler gave a $100 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Charles Lawson
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  5. Jay Brown
    Jay Brown gave a $100 donation
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  6. An anonymous donation of $104.58 has been made
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  7. Audrey Gilbreath
    Audrey Gilbreath gave a $100 donation
    May we all continue to work towards eliminating hunger!
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