Thanksgiving Message - Jennifer's Story

Thanksgiving Message - Jennifer's Story

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Jennifer knows first-hand how quickly life’s circumstances can change. As a single parent with a full-time but not highly paid job, Jennifer’s budget was beyond tight. “I found myself skipping meals to stretch the dollars. This went on for years. It was like playing a shell game; robbing from one thing to pay another.”

Though her income made her just barely ineligible for emergency food assistance, Jennifer learned of United Food Bank’s Help Yourself program where she could stretch her existing budget much further than at a typical grocery store. “I had to put my pride aside. I almost cried when I walked in the first time, she said.”

For a modest cost, Jennifer left with more groceries than she’d had at one time in ages. “I was so emotional. It was very humbling, but everyone was so helpful. I didn’t feel judged.”

Jennifer, who lives with her daughter in an apartment in Gilbert, went to Help Yourself for a short time, and then returned off and on, whenever she needed that extra budget.
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United Food Bank was organized in 1983 as a nonprofit joint venture among East Valley cities and their respective United Ways to gather and distribute food to organizations that help our neighbors in need. United Food Bank has since become the key provider of food resources to agencies and community groups in the Greater East Valley and Eastern Arizona who feed thousands of men, women and children 365 days a year. United Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, a national network of over 200 food banks that provides connections to national food companies and other important resources.