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    Waiver and Release of Liability
    I understand that, as a volunteer, I may be involved in physical activities that have a potential risk of injury. I assume that risk. I agree that I will only perform volunteer activities that I am comfortable doing. I also agree that I will not hold United Food Bank and all of their former and current officers, director, and employees, or any of their community service partners responsible or liable for any damage or injury to me or my property as a result of my participation in volunteering with United Food Bank. I agree to be responsible for my behavior and to indemnify and hold harmless United Food Bank and all of their former and current officers, directors, and employees, and their community service partners from any damages or liabilities arising out of my activities as a volunteer in connection with United Food Bank. I also grant full permission for United Food Bank to use photographs or video footage of me in legitimate accounts and promotions of this organization.

    Volunteer Expectations Agreement:
    1. Volunteers working in any capacity within United Food Bank must be at least 12 years of age.
    2. If any task causes you discomfort, or if you feel it is unsafe or unhealthy to perform a specific task, report the fact to a food bank staff member immediately.
    3. Wear sensible, appropriate clothing and footwear for the task(s) at hand.
    *** Closed toed shoes are required for all warehouse activities. ***
    4. Wash hands before beginning your shift, after eating, and after using the restroom.
    5. Alcohol and other drugs are prohibited in the workplace.
    6. “No Smoking” policy – Smoke in designated area only.
    7. Only authorized personnel may operate machines or equipment.
    8. Report any injury immediately to United Food Bank.
    9. No food, drink (exception to closed bottles of water), or cell phones on the warehouse floor.
    10. Please avoid conversations, comments and language that are inappropriate in a professional workplace.
    11. Do not take any food from the food bank.

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